Friday, February 8, 2013

NCAA Basketball Tarnished By One and Done

College basketball

NCAA Basketball is in a horrible place right now...

With all the one-and-dones leaving early for the NBA, NCAA Basketball has become more watered down than ever.  This past year the Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA National Championship and the entire starting line-up declared for the NBA draft.

Anthony Davis, was selected with the first pick, and the Wildcats tied a NCAA record with six draft picks.  Now they are unranked.  So how do we get young players to stay in college?

One word: Contraction

The NBA needs pull the plug on at least two or three of these teams:

Charlotte Bobcats

Toronto Raptors

Milwaukee Bucks

Washington Wizards

New Orleans Hornets

Sacramento Kings

With fewer teams in the NBA, there would be fewer roster spots.  Now, most rookies won't be able be to start upon entering the league, and some players might risk being undrafted, if they decide to enter the draft too early.

Remember when Kobe Bryant came in to the league?  He was a lottery pick but wasn't even a starter for the Los Angeles Lakers until his 3rd NBA season.  Now, every lottery draftee feels he's entitled to a starting spot on the roster.

If more and more collegiate players return to their respective schools, college basketball will benefit greatly   We will be able recognize some of these college players, and they will have more time to mature and develop their games.

However, NCAAB is littered with one-and-done players.  The NBA doesn't allow players to declare for the draft until age 19 and one year removed from high school.  I believe this is a great rule, because these players  aren't as good.  Where are the Kevin Durants, Greg Odens, JJ Redicks in todays college basketball.

Now the debate even gets hotter, due to the horrific leg injury of the #1 draft prospect, Nerlens Noel.  Some would specualte that he would lose millions because of this injury.  I think this kid has great upside, but I do not believe he will be a perennial all-star either.

Tim Duncan stayed in college for all four years and he greatly benefited from the extra practice and experience.  His fundamental skills developed and he was ready for the NBA the day he was drafted.

One season later, Duncan, teamed up with David Robinson, and won his first NBA championship.

If Duncan were playing college basketball today, he would be a one and done.

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