Tuesday, February 5, 2013

NCAA Issues Sanction Against Penn State University

Joe Paterno - Penn State - Outback Bowl pep rally 123110

The NCAA had to issue sanctions against Penn State University due to the elaborate cover-up of the heinous crimes committed by former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky.

Joe Paterno and other highly ranked institution members looked the other way for almost a decade, and allowed a child predator to run rampant throughout the football facilities.

The NCAA had a right to impose these sanctions because the cover-up and inaction created a competitive advantage on the football field.  Choosing to keep quiet, allowed Penn State Football to recruit the top players in the country and amass victory after victory.  The football culture superseded the welfare of innocent young children.

I truly understand that going forward players, coaches, and fans of Penn State will face the brunt of this punishment and they had nothing to do with these crimes.  However, these individuals have the choice to transfer to any school without penalty.  Something had to be done.

This latest effort, by the Paterno Family, is an uninspiring attempt to clear Joe Pa's name. Do we really think if this "independent" investigation found any incriminating evidence against Paterno, it would have been published in this latest report?

Paterno could have done more. He simply chose not to.

The NCAA cannot allow institutions to display this type of negligence.  This university deserved the death penalty. Penn State University is very fortunate that a football program still exists.

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  1. "elaborate coverup?" how does one "elaborately" cover up a public investigation? There is no communication instructing anybody to keep quiet. Who covers up anything by reporting it to their chain of command? Take your First Amendment privilege seriously and at least read the material you report on. Paterno did what was allowed by law, and the law restricts what he could have done.

  2. Joe Paterno was one of the most powerful men in the state of Pennsylvania at the time. He is an iconic figure. Don't give me that legal mumbo jumbo about reporting it to his superiors. Trust me, you would have a different point of view, if it was your child who was being molesting in the showers on Penn State University Football Practice Facilities.

    1. so being "one of the most powerful men in the state of Pennsylvania....." means what exactly? He was above the law? We live by the rule of law, regardless of how obscene the crime may be. If you want to have a big, serious voice, you need to do the work and stop parroting other people's inaccuracies.

  3. I love all of you sanctimonious Monday Morning Quarterbacks who pontificate from your high horses. Joe was a football coach. He is bound by law like everybody else. Simpletons like you are only contributing to the real crime here. Try to keep up.

    Sandusky was a football coach. We are supposed to believe he not only started and ran his own charity, but he did it as a front for a pedophile ring. Really? He has neither the brains nor the money. So while all of you internet losers, who aren't large enough to even carry Joe Paterno's shoes deflect the attention to Penn State and Joe, the real bad guys from The Second Mile, where 100% of the victims came from, are getting away to set up shop again somewhere else.

    Nice work. I need a license to own a dog, but any horses ars can be an internet journalist.

  4. Joe Paterno knew that Penn State did nothing to address the accusations against Sandusky except cover it up. His inaction, after knowing the facts, allowed the child abuse to continue. Paterno did absoloutely NOTHING. What if it was his child? I'm sure his response would have been different.

    1. The problem is we don't know if he knew the facts.

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