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Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax: Could the Star Linebacker Be Gay?

I am only speculating but I think Manti Te'o could be involved in an elaborate cover-up. Manti Te'o could possibly be gay.  I believe he created this online girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, two years ago, after a teammate accused of him being gay.  

At that time, he wasn't a top draft pick or a national media sensation, so the idea seemed pretty harmless.  But the problem is, when you create a lie; you have to keep the lie going.

I believe, pressure started to mount up by his family and teammates to finally meet who he called the "love of his life."  Since he could not obviously produce this fictitious person he began to tell everyone that she was sick with leukemia.  Then Te'o possibly decided the cancer story was not good enough so, he finally caved in and told everyone, including the national media, she had passed away.

If you put all the pieces together, and one would realize that Te'o made sure to get rid of this online girlfriend at the beginning of the football season.  Notre Dame football was on a rise and undefeated, so more attention would definitely be coming his way.  We also know that real girlfriends actually attend BCS National Championship games.  Just ask AJ McCarron.

Unfortunately, you cannot be a known gay football player in today's society.  All the of the former NFL players that have publicly came out, waited till after their playing days were over.  His draft status could have been affected drastically if such a story surfaced.

Manti Te'o also has admitted to lying about this online relationship.  He admitted that he told his father and other national media members that he met her.  How could he possibly be so in love, when he has never even met her, hugged her, kissed her, cuddled her or even ran his fingers through her hair.   Te'o claims he loves this woman so much, however he never visited her once in the hospital.  Nor does he attend her funeral.

His story does not add up.  Then Te'o proceeded to make another crucial mistake, stating he had a serious relationship with a female shortly after Lennay Kekua's death.  I thought Te'o was grief stricken.  Again, there are obvious holes and inconsistencies with his story.  

I believe Manti Te'o could possibly be a homosexual.  He comes from a very conservative, Mormon background which obviously, is a direct contradiction of a homosexual lifestyle.  

Furthermore, why would a high profile, extremely popular college football player need to have an online girlfriend? Big time college football players usually don't have any difficulty finding women to date.  

How would Te'o even have the time to have an online girlfriend with all the groupies waiting outside his dorm room, football games and practices, and academic work, and all these dramatic interviews he engaged in during the course of this season.

Te'o will not be drafted in the first round. He clearly lacks the intangibles to lead an NFL locker room. This hoax will ultimately cost him millions of dollars.  

Manti Te'o is either a fraud or one of the dumbest, most naive persons in the entire world. If Te'o is indeed a fraud, he has learned from the best.  Tiger Woods, Joe Paterno, Lance Armstrong, just to name a few...

Do You Believe Manti Te'o is Gay?

UPDATED 2-1-13

Another theory also arises after watching the Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Interview with Dr. Phil.  Since Tuiasosopo could not reproduce Lennay Kekua voice, could it be possible that Manti Te'o was talking to Tuiasosopo the entire time? Phone records would prove the length of the conversation but not the actual recording.  This would prove Te'o is gay and his boyfriend would take the hit.  Or Tuiasosopo is lying yet again and conspired with a female accomplice.  This female accomplice, who some relatives and friends have identified as Tuiasosopo's cousin, Tino, could have been the female voice of this hoax.  Either way, this story continues to get more and more bizarre by the moment.  I will definitely be watching Friday's interview part two and hopefully more of these questions will be answered.

UPDATED 2-2-13

The Manti Te'o Hoax story has finally came full circle. Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admitted and confirmed on Dr. Phil that he was the female voice behind Lennay Kekua.  I was completely shocked, especially after independent voice experts from the FBI and Secret Service confirmed if it was, Tuiasosopo, the odds would be a one and ten million.  Ultimately,  Manti  Te'o had a phone and online relationship with another man for the last three years. 

This story went from being bizarre, to intriguing, to very sad.  I feel sorry for Tuiasosopo. He also shared a dark secret from his past.  Tuiasosopo was abused as a child, repeatedly  by a family friend.  I hope this young man can put this difficulty time behind him and rebuild his life.  I will not be commenting on the Manti Te's hoax story anymore, and I think it's time we all move on.  The show is over.  

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  1. Yep, totally gay.

  2. I like your points. I could see this surfacing anywhere from tomorrow to 20 years.

  3. Tiger Woods does not belong in your list of frauds. How ridiculous.

  4. They both could have recruited Ronaiah's cousin ( female) to make one or two calls where they purposely kept the recordings so they could show the media that it was easy for Manti to be duped.

    It doesn't explain that this same person would be the one who talked to Manti on the phone for hundreds of hours when it was Ronaiah who has proclaimed love for Manti.

    It is way outside the realm of common sense to think that this female was involved in a hoax for up to three years.

    I think the female ( who I believe is not Ronaiah) was recruited to add credibility to the "I am a dupe" line that Manti was pushing, to show that anyone would believe that was a female.

  5. Tiger Woods was telling everyone how he was a family man and practicing less because he was with his children. Obviously, that wasn't the only thing he was doing

  6. Don't believe the voice claims made at the end of Dr. Phil Episode 2. Despite the intervention of the "trusted executive producer" who supposedly watched Ronaiah prepare the tape at his home of him speaking as Lennay, we have no idea whether a faithful reproduction of Ronaiah's voice that could be legitimately compared to the answering machine voice was sent to those voice analysts. I think that the second failure (Dr. Phil's first voice test with Ronaiah's behind-the-partition in-studio voice) was a deliberate setup to make the final test seem more credible. Why has no journalist traveled to question Tino Tuiasosopo in Pago-Pago?

  7. The other thing that is suspicious is Ronaiah's sudden child abuse story. It is so easy to make up claims like that, and the only gesture toward revealing the identity of the abuser was one news story's allusion to a counseling friend of Ronaiah's dad. Where is the outrage, and more importantly, the lawsuit that should follow from this revelation? Very troubling.

  8. Why even bring papa joe into the argument I believe he did nothing wrong he went to his supervisors and they did nothing as well but nothing happened to them the took his wins away which was total BS. Now on to the topic who cares if he is gay or not that is none of our business, and maybe he started dating online cause he has troubles talking to women, it doesn't matter that he is a star football player doesn't mean he talks to women well, as your post states he comes from a heavy Mormon background, well you must not know many mormons cause this is a typical thing with them, they don't see each other then get married I have seen it happen tons of times.

  9. "Why even bring papa Joe into the argument"? Really? Because is either a.) he was a fraud, or, b.) he was so old that he became senile and incompetent. If you see, or hear of, a felony being committed on your campus and/or place of business, you don't run to your "supervisors" and wash your hands of it.

    1. Joe Paterno was one of the most powerful men in the state of Pennsylvania at the time. He is an iconic figure. Don't give me that legal mumbo jumbo about reporting it to his superiors. Trust me, you would have a different point of view, if it was your child who was being molesting in the showers on Penn State University Football Practice Facilities.

  10. A lot of original thought going on here. This info is breath-taking. Please give us more.
    So where do you think Teo will end up with the Lakers or the Celtics? Oh, wait , that would be a topic for an NBA blog!
    Douche bags will be douche bags; you wear the shoe that fits.

  11. Yes, this blog mainly features NBA stories.You obviously did not read the title of this blog. It clearly states that "Hot Topics" will be covered as well.

  12. I hate to pile on the kid, but this story just doesn't add up.

  13. Nice writing but if you want to be taken seriously as a writer you need to tone it down on the speculation.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Be sure to enter the free contest on my website:

  14. President Obama is firmly committed to the homosexual agenda and recent promises made to the LBGT and others have caused some in the conservative movement and the evangelical and Pentecostal churches to shudder. It is also clear that the church's concerns have little bearing on the President's position to throw the doors open for the "gay agenda by closing the steel doors around those who make so much as a whimper against the gays. Signing the untested and highly suspect Matthew Shepard act is the latest evidence of that.