Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lance Armstrong Is One of the Worst Frauds in Sports History

Lance Armstrong is a wicked individual.  He is a bully, a liar, and a complete and utter disgrace.  Armstrong is the ultimate low-life.  My problem with him, is not the fact that he used PED's in cycling competitions.  My issue is that he destroyed other peoples lives in the process, by defaming their character and suing them in courts.

Armstrong was the kingpin of this entire fraudulent operation and should be sitting in an 8 x 8 jail cell.  Armstrong smuggled drugs, blood and other instruments over international borders for years.  He strategically hid behind the Livestrong brand, which I believe he created to cover up the lies and wrong doings.  However, the public thought Lance Armstrong created this organization for cancer research.  Any attack on Lance Armstrong would be seen as an attack on a philanthropist who is actively engaged in the fight against cancer.  With all the financial power and mounds of support, Lance Armstrong was untouchable.

Lance Armstrong could be possible the biggest fraud in sports history.  It is time for him to go away.  Its time for cycling to go away as well.  Armstrong is not a hero.  Armstrong is not an inspiration.  He is a criminal who preyed on helpless victims and deceived almost everyone.

They should throw Lance Armstrong in jail, lock it and throw the key away.

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