Thursday, April 11, 2013

Carmelo Anthony Must Take the Knicks Past the First Round of 2013 Playoffs

Phantom: Best of Carmelo Anthony in 2013

Is Carmelo Anthony a superstar in the NBA? I would say no.  I believe in order to become a superstar caliber player, one must reach the NBA Finals.  A superstar player necessarily doesn't not have to win the NBA Finals, but at least reach it at least once in their career.  If you take a look at the best players in the league who would be considered superstars, each of them have been to the finals.

I have composed a short list of NBA superstars dating back to the mid 1990's (in no particular order);

Michael JordanKobe BryantLeBron JamesCharles BarkleyJason KiddDwight Howard
Dirk NowitzkiShaquille O’NealPaul PierceKevin GarnettHakeem OlajuwonTim Duncan Dwayne WadeReggie MillerGary PaytonShawn KempAllen Iverson

Carmelo Anthony is undoubtedly the best pure scorer in the NBA.  He can score from the post, off the dribble, from the perimeter and has a variety of nifty moves in and around the basket. He is a highly skilled player with a combination of size, speed, quickness, and power.

Anthony also leads the NBA in scoring, averaging 28.7 points per game. The last player to win the scoring title and the NBA Championship in the same season was Shaquille O'Neal, in 2000.

The New York Knicks, just coming off a 13 game winning streak, are the leading threat to dethrone the vaunted Miami Heat.

Carmelo must get out of the  first round.  He has exited the first round of the playoffs in eight out of nine seasons.  His best finish in the playoffs was in 2009, when he and Chauncey Billups reached the Western Conference Finals, and eventually lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.  

Carmelo Anthony also has the worst career playoff winning percentage of any player in the NBA (min 50 postseason games).

Worst Career Playoff Record

  • 1. Carmelo Anthony | 16-36 | .308
  • 2. Mookie Blaylock | 18-36 | .333
  • 3. Eduardo Najera | 20-39 | .339
  • 4. Chris Dudley | 20-34 | .370
  • 5. Brad Miller | 19-31 | .380

His latest two exits came against the 2011 Boston Celtics and the 2012 Miami Heat, who eventually one the NBA Title, in last year's shortened season.

This year's New York Knicks Team have added veterans; Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Rasheed Wallace, and Kurt Thomas (oldest player in the league, 40) who add valuable playoff and championship experience.

J.R. Smith is having one of his best seasons as a pro, and under the Mike Woodson's leadership, this Knicks team is ready to challenge the Miami Heat and compete for he NBA Title.

Do New York Knicks fans finally have the player who will deliver their first Championship in over 40 years?  Or are they just ready to watch this generation's Patrick Ewing lose to this generation's Micheal Jordan (LeBron James)?

Is Carmelo Anthony a Superstar?

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