Friday, April 5, 2013

Rutgers University Should Fire President and AD: Involved in Attempted Cover-Up

Rutgers' University President, Robert L. Barchi and Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti, should be fired for their involvement in an attempted cover-up of Men's Basketball Coach, Mike Rice's, actions and transgressions during practices over the last three years.

Mike Rice's actions and behaviors are unspeakably egregious, disheartening, appalling,  and borderline criminal.  Just merely watching the tape is extremely sickening to my stomach. Those players were bullied, embarrassed, and publicly humiliated and I truly feel sorry that they had to experience it.

If I were a parent of one of those players, I would have dealt with Coach Rice myself.  Lebron James even shared the same reaction demonstrated by his tweet below:

The University President released in a statement which indicated he reviewed the video for the first time this week. However, Tim Pernetti, in an earlier interview, said multiple individuals, including high ranking members of the Rutgers' institution reviewed the video last December. Obviously, someone is not telling the truth.

I believe the President did review this video months ago, and both he and the AD, ultimately decided on the three game suspension and a $50,000 fine.  Mike Rice is still set to receive a $100,000 bonus for completed the 2012-2013 season.

Unfortunately, Mike Rice's actions nor their whimsical punishment are justifiable.   Mike Rice should have been removed immediately after the video was reviewed by his superiors.

Mike Rice was Tim Pernetti first big hire and Barchi became president of Rutgers about seven months ago.  Apparently, this was a situation they wanted to hide from the public.

Even if the President did see this video this week, Barchi is guilty of negligence and a "Lack of Institutional Control."   If a coach is being suspended for three games and heavily fined, why wouldn't the president want to know why? If Barchi reviewed the tape in December, he is guilty of an obvious cover-up.

Only after the video went viral and the ensuing public outcry, did Pernetti and Barchi. swiftly decide to relieve the coach of his duties.

Eric Murdock, the former Rutgers' Director of Player Development, was dismissed after he came forward with this video evidence. I believe race played a factor is Murdock's dismissal and currently is pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the university.

I firmly do not believe Mike Rice deserves a second chance.  He should not be allowed to coach in Division I, II,or III ever again.  He cannot be trusted or effectively lead a program or university.

His behaviors were not simply a one-time, isolated offense and he even influenced his other assistant coach's behaviors as well.  Stephen A. Smith, ESPN First Take analyst, agrees with me as well:

In this video obtained by ESPN, Rutgers' Assistant coach Jimmy Martelli is shown bullying, pushing, and yelling obscenities and homophobic slurs at players as well.

These actions were decisions he continue to make over a period of three years.  Rice seriously should seek the professional help of counselors and specialists to deal with his obvious, deep-rooted issues.

Rice is an awful basketball coach as well and the players obviously do not respond well to verbal and physical abuse.  Rutgers Men's Basketball Team went 15-16 (5-13 in Big East) and failed to reach the NCAA Tournament.

Should Mike Rice Be Allowed to be a Head Coach Ever Again?

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